Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) is a relatively unknown and rare neurological disorder for which much research is still needed. The most common symptom, for which the disorder is also named, involves a kind of continuous snow or television noise throughout the visual field. VSS has visual symptoms (even with eyes closed), non-visual symptoms and related conditions, such as migraine and tinnitus.

Visual Snow Europe is a European foundation based in the Netherlands dedicated to the welfare of VSS patients. We do this by creating global awareness and improving the understanding of VSS. We strive for good and reliable information about VSS, an improvement in diagnostics and furthermore we want to promote more research on VSS. Recognition and support for VSS patients is essential.

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We are always looking for experiences from people who have VSS. Fortunately, although more attention is already being paid to it than in the past in the medical world, it often remains a long search until a diagnosis is made. Share your experience with us, others can benefit from it! Would you like to share tips, suggestions or experiences? E-mail us at info@visualsnoweurope.com.