Our mission & vision


Visual Snow Syndrome (VSS) is a rare neurological disorder with a wide range of possible symptoms that can seriously affect the patient’s life. Misunderstanding and unfamiliarity of the disease, its misleading name, and variations in symptoms and their severity fuel misinformation among patients and physicians. This is not conducive to the image of VSS and its research, nor to the diagnosis and management of patients.
Visual Snow Europe (VSE) is an organization that is committed to the welfare of patients with VSS and wants to promote research into it. We also want to make an extra effort for the more serious and rare form of VSS, as this is currently underexposed.


Visual Snow Europe (VSE) strives to improve global understanding of VSS for better reliability of information, diagnosis and research. In doing so, VSE hopes to provide appropriate recognition and guidance for patients, increased attention to research, and a better chance of finding new means of symptom reduction or remedy.

Core values: professional, knowledge, inform, scientific, connection, commitment.