Tips to deal with VSS

These tips aim to alleviate symptoms perhaps, but they are obviously not a one size-fits-all cure.

Tinted glasses or lenses:
Talk to a good optometrist or other eye specialist about which glasses and lenses might offer relief. Try out different tinted glasses with your eye specialist.

The following is a brief outline of which tinted glasses can potentially provide relief:

Pink tinted glasses for light sensitivity, this is also often used by migraine patients. FL-41 glasses. Make sure you obtain the real deal, because not all FL-41 glasses have the same quality.

Orange tinted glasses are often recommended for patients with neurological vision problems and may provide relief from the static, the hallmark symptom of VSS.

Dark tinted lenses when dealing with light sensitivity.

Yellow tinted lenses can help reduce headaches slightly for some. This is to block out ‘high frequency blue light’ or ‘artificial blue light’.

For more severe symptoms, glasses with side and top covers may offer relief.