Treatment Study for VSS in 2022 by Prof. Dr. Schankin

Prof. Dr. Christoph Schankin

Neuromodulation study to reduce VSS Symptoms

Prof. Dr. Schankin (one of the world experts on VSS ) and his team are finalizing a study preparation for a promising treatment study using transcranial electric stimulation. They want to try to reduce VSS symptoms (i.e. visual snow, palinopsia, entoptic
phenomena, photophobia, nyctalopia). It’s a form of neuromodulation and it will take place at Instelspital Bern (Switzerland). Prof. Dr. Schankin told us he has an excellent co-worker who is given protected research time for two years to conduct a study on VSS treatment.


They want to start in Autumn 2022 and want to start reqruitment by Q4 2022 , but are still in need of fundings. The study has a partial funding but would need 90,000 USD for completion of it.

Fundings are still needed

We hope you can donate for this very promising research by on of the best VSS doctors.
You can donate at the Eye On Vision Foundation.

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